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Our Services

Gelong Professional Services provides many services to our customers. Some of the services: Web Application Development - Our company has many hours of professional experience in web application development. We specialize in eCommerce, shopping carts, inventory control and many other business process needs.

Custom Enterprise Software Development - Whether your organization needs web site development or enterprise-class application development, we can provide a solution for you. Our larger customers have utilized our expertise in business process improvement to implement large-scale applications.

Enterprise Application Outsourcing for Development and Maintenance - When your organization needs to move resources to a more cost-effective source, we can provide that connection. We have access to many other companies that specialize in providing outsourcing solutions.

Support/maintenance services for organizations of any size - Many times, our customers have an in-house application they need help maintaining or tuning. We are able to assess their current environment and provide many levels of support.

Our company specializes in the following areas:

1.Programming Services - We have experience in many of the current programming languages and tools. For further details, see our Programming Tools Section.

2.eCommerce Services - We have developed specialized several shopping cart and inventory solutions for organizations that have highly customized needs. Our expertise in eCommerce is extensive and well supported.

3.Multi-language Web Sites - We can develop your website to be truly global. We specialize in English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, and many more languages.

4.MLM Software: Making multilevel marketing sales on the internet - Our company has extensive experience in developing comprehensive multi-level direct sales web sites. We are able to adapt your business flow to an operational MLM website and software.

5.Wholesale Online Catalog and Ordering - We have extensive experience in developing solutions for wholesale companies that depend on the adaptive and constant change in inventory. Our solutions provide effective management tools for fast-moving companies.

6.Small Business Management Tools - Many large organizations depend on Enterprise Resource Planners (ERP) to manage their operational data. We have been able to adapt this concept and provide smaller organizations with similar functionality with our Human Resources, Finance, Decisiion Management, and Web Accounting solutions.

Programming Tools
Gelong Professional Services provides development and support in the following platforms:

Windows Platform

ASP/SQL Server 2000 - Windows 2000 Advanced Server
ASP .NET 2.0 - VB .NET 2.0, C#, SQL Server 2005, Windows 2003 Advanced Server 
AJAX technology

Linux/UNIX Platform

Supported Development Tools
AJAX technology

Java / JSP  technology
AJAX technology

Web Design tools
Dreamweaver MX
Javascript client-side coding
Graphic Design Tools

Adobe Illustrator
Corel Draw