Design Chinese website open China or Chinese market

Design Chinese website

Chinese website Design using GB2312 simplified Chinese  for China Mainland users.
Chinese Website Design Using BIG5 Traditonal Chinese for taiwan, hongkong, Ameican Chinese, Canada Chinese  users.

Design BIG5 and GB Chinese version website, and auto translation two versions.

Design UTF-8 multi-language  compatible  website using GB2312 simplified Chinese ,BIG5 Traditonal Chinese ,Japanese, Korean,Spanish, and more .

We have the best way to implement a multi-language website, that would include at least English, French, Italian and Chinese.

Design Chinese website open China or Chinese market, we are offer multi-language  website design services too.
Develop your website to be truly global. We specialize in English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, and many more languages.

Chinese Website Design