Wholesale Online Catalog

Wholesale Online Catalog

Basic Features:

1.Homepage Design
Contact Us, Company Profile, Term and Policy Pages

2.Online Catalog Features:

Multiple price levels for each product, Different customers have different prices. Control price level for each customer.
Products displayed by category, clicking category yields sub-categories, further clicking sub-category seperate pages display products.

Basic shipping and handling calculation based on order price, we can customize your shipping caculation, or you can choose realtime shipping options.
Customize Tax caculation.
Automated email of order confirmation 

3.Shopping cart Online ordering system
(1).Products listing by category. On clicking category, all products in it will be displaed. If customers are interesting in some product, they can click on product and products detailed information(including product name, description, price etc.) will be displayed.
(2).Displays content summary of the shopping basket when an item is added to the cart or when shoppers click on the shopping cart.
(3).Product name, availability, quantity, unit price, total price, subtotal, shipping, tax, grand total are displayed. Customers can easily delete or change the quantity of any product at the shopping cart summary page. Customers can also look at the product in details by clicking on the product name.

4.SSL Credit Card Processing
Offline Credit Card Processing
Realtime Credit Card Processing ( Advanced Feature )

5.Simple and fast web administration

(1).Add, modify, update category and sub-category
(2).Add, modify, update products information, upload images based on browser.
(3).Realtime Check order information.
(4).Customer information manager, customized price level.

Wholesale Catalog Advanced Features
1.UPS,USPS,FEDEX,DHL realtime shipping charge based on shipping destination.
2.Customize connect to your merchants account
Authorize.net, Paypal etc.
3.Customize your home page , Customized other pages
4.Convert your already-made data onto website, such as excel, foxpro, access file etc.
5.Large amount of pictures upload and process. request for quote.
6.Products Picture Design and Basic HTML Web Page Design Training.