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Client Testimonials and Portfolio Sites
It is incredibly difficult to determine which of our projects are our best. The interpretation of how good a layout integrates with complex functionality usually depends upon the balance between aesthetic appeal and function. 

 Gelong POS Project, please go to www.azpos.net

 New Web Development and eCommerce Projects(ASP.NET 2.0)

New MLM website projects

1.Binary System
http://www.amkey.net/  design using ASP.NET 2.0

2.Uni-level  system like amway.com
MLM website using ASP.NET 2.0

3.uni-level, HTML 5 responsive web design, Mobile Friendly www.andorralife.com/

eWeY.com provide dating services site, Online Clssified website. 

wcfcn.com is a large Chinese news, Jobs, yellow page, dating social utility that connects you with the people around you.华人国际,华人生活资信网. http://www.haihua88.com/ 海华网,分类广告网站.

Games website design, Chinese Chess, Blackjack,Baccarat games,etc.

It is a  Complex website , design using ASP.NET 2.0
 Wholesale online catalog and online order
  http://www.procloseout.com/ Procloseout is a large closeout products with manufacturing facilities, importing, exporting, and wholesales (B2B). Their annual revenue worldwide is over 1 billion US dollars. Our online categories allow their staffs in the manufacturing overseas modify and upgrade their product descriptions directly from their side even before new products enter local market. This function empowers their customer with the most recent product information, meanwhile cut their huge traditional category printing cost.
HIT manufacture has been making hand tools in Japan since a half century ago. Now they are world’s leading manufactures of professional quality bolt cutters, rebar cutters, along with other hand tools. The 1,350 items of hands tools they carry over need to be classified by various standards, such as the size, length, and usage. Our customized eSolution allow their customers search the proper tools according to those different standards and get free eQuote within 24 hours.
  http://www.pdseafoodusa.com/ P&D Seafood Co. has been in business since 1985 in the United States, California located downtown Los-Angeles. They are importer and distributor for both fresh and frozen seafood from around the world, and have over million dollar monthly revenue. They have huge distribution network with big restaurants, and super market nationwide. Besides other features, their specific requirement is the discount price system, which has differential price level according to different customers.     For more Portfolios, please visit:
http://www.ProCLoseOut.com/ new 
 eStore online ordering system (Shopping cart)
We help Best Honda Parts built an eStore for their honda parts including all honda cars parts. After their previous failure experience of using pre-made boxed eStored-creating products, they ask us to create a customized eStore, which can effectively increase their efficiency. Now, they enjoy so much for the new presence as well as inventory management system we designed for them.

auto website:
http://www.goboxauto.com/  auto body parts
http://www.kurumaautoparts.com/ auto ngine parts
Banana Wireless, Inc. is wireless,cellphone and accessories warehousing company, is committed to bring large selection of high-quality wireless accessories at rock-bottom prices with honesty & credibility.
  http://www.immigrationlawyer-usa.com/ new! immigrationlawyer-usa.com is lawyer website,Immigration and Work Visas for Registered Nurses and Physicians etc.  

  http://www.brunaferrari.com/ for bruna and beads new ASP.NET 2.0 eStore website. 

For more Portfolios, please visit:

 Web Development and eCommerce Projects
this is a large information, multi-language classified website.
Everprint Technology has been one of the largest HP Authorized Reseller and Authorized Support Provider (ASP) in West America since 1998. For the 400 to 500 different models of Printers they carry, each are corresponding to hundreds of parts, Accessories, total over 90,000 different types. This made their project very complicated one, since our system need to have some additional function besides other common features, such as, identify the relationships between each model and its corresponding parts, decide whether the item out of stock can be replaced by other similar products from OEM, etc. In addition to new models, they also keep a huge stock of used, refurbished hard to find or discontinued printers, accessories, and service parts. In order to create a more customized eSolution, our engineer spent more time going inside their business analyzing the relationship among thousands of models and items.
GN Appraisal, Co serves the agents in the field of Real Estate and the general public. They have been involved in this competitive field since 1992. Based on the experience of their involvements, their GN Appraisal team presents to their client the best of real estate appraisers can provide. They normally need to handle over 1,000 appraisal cases per month. Everywhere in the office was filled with piles of paper works when our people first went into their company, and besides that, the boss need to hire an army of secretary and office clerk to complete the six main steps, such as, measuring, picturing, and reporting of each case.
Soon, we went in their business and create a database management system for them, which only need to key-in one time by the clerk when the case first came in, and it will be automatically transferred to next step when it was done. We also create a bar code system for them, which allow every authorized clerk and customer service people in the office know the status of each case by simply scan the document. Our eSolution not only increase the efficiency for their management but enhance their client’s level of satisfaction.
Mid-size Bussiness Complex  Web Projects
http://www.chinese-e-search.com/   As one of the most influential media for the Los Angeles based Chinese community, this is a group company combined a very big printing company, two Chinese newspapers, and Chinese yellow page. The printing company is unique in its capabilities, providing engraved stationery, offset printing, thermograph, embossing, letterpress, foil stamping, die cutting, high-speed digital photocopy and "hands on" bindery services. We help them to create the print copy of newspaper as well as corresponding online newspaper. Our eSolution will follow each step for the birth of an article from the work done by reporters, editors, and chief editors, till reach the printing company finally. The most beautiful part is our solution let their most updated news automatically appear online before the next morning. In addition, we designed a management system for their classify on newspapers and ad sales commission calculation system.

Besides that, the Chinese online yellow page effectively connects all kinds of local businesses across industries. We create many great functions for their user with unbelievable low cost!

More Websites are under construction!
MultiLevel Marketing Sales (MLM Software) Web Project

http://www.amkey.net/ Amkey Inc. is an Internet based multi-level marketing company that combines research and development, production, and marketing of health care products. It developed a whole series of all natural high quality health care products using the most advanced technology. It also created enormous opportunities to help people pursue their financial freedom as well as enjoy their life through a well established marketing network worldwide. Due to the huge database formed by their distributors and extremely sophisticated commission calculation system they have, instead of spending over million dollars locally, we create the most cost-effective(only about 1/10 to the local development cost!)solution by combining both onshore service and offshore outsourcing overseas: the requirements gathering and user acceptance test phases are done onsite by our project specialists after deeply involved and analyzed their business model, and the other phases of the software development life cycle are done offshore.  
 Multi-Language Website design

Heropoker.com is a local online game site but also want to expand their online pokers in Asian countries. We not only translate their website into Chinese but change layout according to the Chinese culture. Now, their website catch many pokers’ eyes in China, Taiwan, Hongkong and other districts.

Range Automation offer state of the art computer driven pre-paid card based Tee-up machines and ball washing/drying and delivery systems. They have extensive experience in design, installation and manufacturing, and have completed successful turnkey installations around the world. As their steps tapping into the big market in China, we create the Chinese website for them.